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Over the Road Solutions

Put your transportation worries at ease by trusting the experts to take care of your business needs. Our core carrier service is committed to providing line haul transportation services in specific geographic areas with the utmost efficiency. Our flexible programs commit to transport an agreed upon volume of freight (daily, weekly or annually) from specific origins to their destinations. 

Award Winning Team

We've won multiple industry and carrier awards highlighting our commitment to safety and efficiency.

Open Lanes

You choose the lanes of operation and we'll take care of the rest ensuring on-time delivery.

Dedicated Solutions

Partner with a leader in the transportation of perishable food products and see how we can work together to help your business succeed. We start with a custom transportation plan centered around the needs of your business. Followed by a commitment to an agreed upon number of tractors, trailers and drivers as well as systems and management expertise. We know that not every business is the same, that’s why this solution is perfect for those that need a custom solution to meet their business goals.

Let's Work Together

Reduces your overall transportation costs by allowing K&B to partner with you to transport your freight.

Expert Management

Don't worry about managing your freight by using our years of experience and advanced monitoring systems.

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Regional Solutions

Being located in the heart of the country allows us to serve the Greater Midwest and other areas of interest with ease. Our regional services are centered around a specific geographic area and we provide transportation services without any commitment to volume.

Heartland of America

Located in the Heartland of America makes it extremely effortless to serve the Greater Midwest.

Pinpoint Location

You set the location of transportation and we'll be there to ensure your freight is moved efficiently.

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On-Time Delivery

You can count on us to always deliver and pickup your freight on time with satisfaction guaranteed.

Working Together

We aren't just another carrier delivering your freight, we're your partner from Point A to Point B and beyond.

Advanced Technology

Our operation is always focused on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation.