Pay Scale

New Driver Compensation Package Starting Monday, March 30, 2015 See recruiter for details!

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K&B Transportation takes a very unique approach with our company driver compensation. Not only do we offer our company drivers a top mileage pay, we also guarantee** our company drivers 2500 paid miles per week.  Essentially, at K&B Transportation if you do not run 2500 miles in a given week, we will pay you the difference.  This gives you the comfort of a solid weekly paycheck, week in and week out regardless of miles.  No other carrier offers this type of stability to their drivers week in week out.

OTR Pay Package (Based on Time With the Company)

0-6 Months 45 Cents Per Mile
6 Months to 1 Year 46 Cents Per Mile
1-2 Years 47 Cents Per Mile
2-4 Years 48 Cents Per Mile
5-7 Years 49 Cents Per Mile
7+ Years 50 Cents Per Mile


Accessory Pay

Drop Pay $10 for extra pickups or drops (1st of each not included)
Clean DOT Inspection $50 regardless of level
Detention Pay $10 per hour after 3 hours (dependent on customer)

Layover Pay

First 24 hours covered by mileage guarantee, $25 every 6 hours after 24 hours

Referral Bonus 

$500 after referral completes orientation, $500 after referral's one year anniversary


  • One week after one year
  • Two weeks after two years
  • Vacation is calculated off of the drivers average weekly earnings for the last year


If unloading were to come up, drivers are paid $3.00 per thousand pounds.

**Certain operation requirements apply – see recruiting for details.