At K&B Transportation, technology plays a major role in our ability to provide cost effective and time sensitive service to our customers.  Through creative and efficient use of technology we are able to keep costs down while maintaining superior performance.

TMW’s IES dispatch platform provides us with a reliable transportation management system capable of putting up to date information at the fingertips of management and staff.  Recently upgraded to IES’s latest version of 9.3, our system provides the latest innovations allowing our staff to efficiently manage our freight and on-time deliveries.

POWER7® means high performance, high capacity, and near linear scaling. The benchmark and performance data below demonstrate how IBM solutions can be optimized for a wide variety of workloads, each one providing you with performance you can count on.

From simple ad hoc queries to executive dashboards to providing information on the Web, SEQUEL delivers System i data in the format that works best for you. Without exception, SEQUEL is the fastest and easiest way to access your System i data.

TripPak SERVICES® comprehensive line of solutions continues to provide innovation in trucking, while making a difference in how carriers are doing business and how drivers experience life on the road.

DiamondMine EDI Translation Software offers efficiency benefits to carriers of any size. Regardless of your computer platform, our flexible, easy-to-integrate solution will help you boost productivity and cut costs by automating the EDI communications between you and your shippers. With seamless integration, transparent installation and an extensive map catalogue, DiamondMine will streamline your operations and improve service to your customers.

With CLEO LexiCom, we have done the planning for you based on our expertise as a communications thought-leader. CLEO LexiCom is delivered client and partner ready for automated data transfer. Installed in 30 minutes or less, CLEO LexiCom's robust stack of pre-configured connections provides you with the ability to reach all of your trading partners right away!