K&B Transportation, Inc., Team

Management Team

K&B Transportation, Inc.’s Management team brings together people with many years of experience in the transportation industry and expertise in operations, safety, maintenance, sales, and finance. These strengths have produced outstanding results as K&B Transportation, Inc. has continued to expand and grow.

The leadership and alignment characteristics of K&B's Management team gives us the flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of the quickly moving transportation industry. This is evident when the team responds to situations requiring new and innovative capabilities.

Operations Team

Our Operations Department is staffed 24/7, 365 days per year. Operations personnel monitor the status of every load at least hourly using system alerts and routine checks to identify situations where a truck is not on track to meet our customer’s requirements. K&B's seasoned Operations Team is proactive and aggressively resolves problems rather than leave the outcome to chance.

Safety/Compliance/Risk Management Team

Safe transportation of our customers’ products is a top priority at K&B Transportation. Our Safety Team sees to it that we are in compliance with all applicable DOT rules and regulations and that our drivers are properly trained and qualified. The team works hard if an incident does occur, involving loss or damage to property or the goods we transport, to see that the loss is mitigated and any claims are settled promptly. Risk Management also involves seeing to it that adequate insurance coverage is maintained to protect our customers and our company many times above and beyond the minimums required by law.

Administration Team

Lead by an experienced CPA the K&B Administration Team performs all “back office” functions of our business, including seeing that our customers are billed promptly and accurately. The team also manages the payroll for our 650+ employees. K&B’s Management Information Systems support all areas of the company and communicate with our customers through EDI and web based applications.

Maintenance Team

Keeping K&B’s fleet in top mechanical condition is the job of our Maintenance Team. At our fully equipped maintenance facility in South Sioux City , NE, our professionals handle everything from routine oil changes to major repairs. Even the best maintained equipment experiences breakdowns on the road. At K&B, we have the people and procedures in place to respond to these kinds of situations quickly with the goal of minimizing any delay.

Sales Team

With a combined total of over 60 years of experience in all phases of truck transportation, K&B’s Sales Team has the depth of knowledge to help our customers find solutions to their transportation needs. Our solutions focus on providing the best overall value to our customers by answering the question, “Can you afford the cost of the lowest price?”