The K&B Difference

A PRIMARY carrier stands above all the others by providing dependable service and superior value. Everything we do at K&B Transportation provides our customers the best possible value. We take extra steps with every load we handle to see that our customers' requirements are met.

  • Well maintained, “state of the art” tractors and refrigerated trailers
  • All our drivers are trained company employees focused on meeting our customers’ requirements.
  • All the requirements for every load are reviewed and confirmed by our operations personnel and drivers at the time of dispatch, including:
    • Pickup and delivery times
    • Temperature requirements
    • Seal and load security requirements
    • Most efficient route between the origin and destination
  • Truck locations, temperatures and security are monitored throughout the trip
  • In the event of any problem, action plans are put in play to mitigate the problem and communicated to all the parties effected.
  • In the event of any exceptions noted by the receiver of a shipment, a claims representative in our Safety Department takes charge of the issue and manages the situation to satisfactory conclusion.